Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Thundercats are go!"

For anyone still wondering, Juno totally lives up to the hype. Man. Best movie I've seen in a loooong time. It doesn't hurt that it's about my favorite subject (pregnancy), but I'm pretty sure that most of the movie reviewers who also love it are not future OB/GYNs, so don't let my bias fool you. It's extremely funny but also human enough to have me in tears at the end. Not that it takes much to bring me to tears, but still. And did I say it's funny? The dialog is brilliant. Brilliant and rich with quotes that are far superior to, say, those from Napoleon Dynamite.

My favorite quote is probably from Brenda, Juno's step-mom (played by Allison Janney) who says,"Juno, honey, it's because doctors are sadists and like to watch lesser people scream," when Juno asks why she can't get her epidural NOW. Priceless.

Anyway, for those who are curious, B and I had a pretty low-key New Year's Eve. He'd flown in that morning on a red-eye, so he wasn't exactly up for a night on the town. I made paella, he made this butternut squash/cranberry/candied pepita salad thing (pictures are of New Year's food), and we drank sparkling wine and watched the ball drop. BTW, who at Times Square decided that Lenny Kravitz was back? Because I'm pretty sure he's not. Whatever.

We're now spending the next few days sleeping in and trying to learn things we didn't have time to learn when not on vacation. I still really want to see Sweeney Todd, even though it will give me nightmares, and he wants to see There Will Be Blood, so there will probably be another movie in the near future. And once the roads get better plowed, I'll probably hit the mall. Whoo...exciting. No. Really. Any day that doesn't begin before 6 a.m. is a good one.