Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So ready...

To honor my final overnight shift of medical school last week, some Cleveland citizens tried to steal my car. At 4:30 am I walked out to the parking lot, only to find a shattered window and busted up steering wheel column (i.e. lacking in ignition capacity). Two police reports and a tow truck later, it's still hanging out at the body shop waiting for one final part. Awesome. Also, the criminals left a pack of gum in the car when they fled. Yeah, I'm not chewing it. To say I am done with Cleveland is putting it lightly. I want to live and work without being worried about my safety or the safety of my belongings (i.e. my car...I don't require an environment where I can leave my wallet lying around without risk). I realize that that is a privilege many (most) don't have. But. I want it.

I started a rotation at the ritzy, private, academic hospital we rotate at on Monday. Man, it is nice. After working in the ED at the county hospital, the contrast is significant. At county, patients can't afford their medications, you have to get alcohol wipes out of the Pyxis (locked, tracked vending machine type things for meds and supplies) because the hospital is so in the red, and, clearly, security is not ideal. Honestly, whenever I left at night, I considered calling for a police escort. I probably should have. At fancy-pants hospital, classical music is piped through the hallways, there is a yoga class on the observatory floor of the new building, and I have lunch at Au Bon Pain. Oh, yeah, and the patients are all clean and can afford their meds (but that doesn't necessarily mean they take them). Is my work perhaps more meaningful at county? Sure. Absolutely. That doesn't mean that when I end up with a few perks I don't enjoy them. Sometimes it's nice to focus on the medicine and the science instead of the social issues. Ideally, there would be a balance, but that's hard to get in one hospital.

Also, oh, yeah...getting married in Less Than Three Months. We picked out wedding bands last weekend. We thought we ordered invitations, but it turns out that their online ordering system is a big mess and let us type in more words than they can print for the text. But now we're way into the words we came up with. So we need an invitation that can handle our verbosity. Uncheck.

Monday, February 2, 2009


This conversation just happened.

Me: Ooo...Eunny Jang is on Facebook. I totally want to friend her.

Brandon: (amused chuckle)

Me: Wait, does that laugh mean you know who Eunny Jang is?

Him: Um, yeah. (facial expression that looks surprised I would think he could possibly not know who she is)

Apparently my obsession runneth over.