Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Votes for Women!

Today, after a 14 hour shift at the hospital, I drove home (past my house and warm bed with husband in situ)  and stood in line for an hour to vote.  There were many other individuals with me.  Presumably, they were getting frustrated with the delay because they had somewhere to be, not because they got 4 hours of sleep yesterday and were itching to get more.  One gentleman decided to tell the poll workers that they clearly weren't doing their job right.  The woman beside me kept telling the air space surrounding her that she was thinking of cutting the line.

Um...What do you think voting is?  And what do you know of the history of voting?  I know you're annoyed that you had to spend some time in the 34 degree chill in your NorthFace jacket, but this is not really suffering for your rights.  I'm sorry this voting establishment in the yuppie intelligentsia side of town isn't big enough or climate controlled or churning out lattes while you wait.

But I had my knitting.  And as I stood in line I focused on the construction of fabric instead of the irritated young woman beside me.  Although, I was tempted to fire back when she said (after 25 minutes), "Oh my god...we're still waiting.  This. Is. The. Worst."  I wanted to say, No.  No, it is not.  Last night I delivered a 25 week baby (breech en-caul) through a uterine incision that will make it very dangerous for her to labor again.  And gave blood to a woman whose body is simply unable to keep up with her needs to make the cells and factors that make blood clot and not simply pour out of you.  It is that last woman I'm trying to push from my mind so I can sleep.  I fight the urge to keep checking her progress and her labs and her CT read today.

That is the worst.  Waiting in line to vote?  That is a privilege, a right, and a personal responsibility.

Minnesota voters: it is you I look to today.  Please validate the same sex couples of your and other states and Vote No.  You are better than that, and I expect the best of you.  Make me proud.