Sunday, March 9, 2008

Catching up

Watch out, this is gonna be photo-heavy. Deal.

Hey, guess what! Last weekend I was the maid-of-honor in my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, and she was a beautiful bride. Unfortunately, my camera's batteries died while we were at the salon pre-wedding, so you will just have to imagine how beautiful it was. But, you can see pre-wedding festivities! Almost as good!

Here are Marie and I at KramerBooks the night before the wedding. B used to write med school essays there, and he said the food was good. He was right. We ate dinner with our moms. They're identical twins, and many of their physical and personality traits have been passed onto us. It was a really fabulous night. I know it makes me a total lame-o, but I had way more fun with my mom, aunt, and cousin than I have in a long time.

Here is Marie the morning before the wedding. We grabbed lunch at Cosi. She was being a good bride and drinking water so her skin would be all dewy and whatnot. I drank Diet Coke. Because I like it. Although, I think that's appropriate; aren't bridesmaids supposed to a balance of sweet and bitter? Like Diet Coke? Anyway, I would just like to point out that even just out of bed with bottle of water in hand, Marie takes a fabulous picture.

So, to further support Marie's fabulousness, guess what we did the afternoon of the wedding. We played Wii. Wii bowling, to be specific. It probably goes without saying, but my Wii bowling score is far superior to my real-life bowling score. Marie thinks I'm a total dork for taking this picture.

Then we went and got our hair done. Mine was just super curly, because that's fun. Marie's was sort of old school glamor, swept back in carefully pinned curls. And when I say "carefully pinned," I mean what I say. In this picture, the thought going through Marie's head is something along the lines of, "Okay, that's the 45th time you've repinned that curl, lady. I'm about to be late to my own wedding. It's time to let it go." But everything worked out in the end.

And, hey, look! Knitting content! It's so sneaky! Jan, Marie's mom (my aunt, if you're keeping track) knit Marie a gorgeous shawl. It's cashmere and silk and goes with her wedding colors. Beautiful. Marie was nice enough to try it on with the white of her shirt showing through, so y'all can see the stitch pattern too.

Okay, that's all for now. Now that I have new camera batteries, I'll try to get a shot of my wedding shawl (way easier and less impressive - don't get excited) and my Eunny Jang vest (which I finally finished last weekend). Oh, yeah, and I started a nightgown. So, yes, pictures are in order.


twinsetellen said...

Bitter or sweet, you crack me up.

I didn't get to see your shawl at the wedding. :-( Get pictures posted soon, please. Also the EJ vest.

Rumor has it that you went for a walk in the blizzard. I hope you didn't have to have B send out the cats to find you.

Jan said...

I DID see your shawl and was quite taken with it -- but was in the throws of trying to get Marie out the door and on the way to the wedding. I realized the next day that I hadn't said anything to you about how lovely and unique it is...and it is!

And you were an awesome maid of honor. I don't think anyone else could have done as great a job at keeping Marie calm and moving forward on that day!

Love, Aunt Jan