Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear Pharmacist

Despite the fact that I do not feel like a real doctor yet, my DEA number is real. It is not a "pseudo-DEA number" just because I'm an intern. My patient would really appreciate it if you didn't give her such a hard time about her pain meds. It is not her fault that she is indigent and sees an intern for care. She's still a person.


twinsetjan said...

I wonder what Uncle Tim would think about it. I have a feeling he'd trust you more than a lot of doctors who've been out there too long!

muki206 said...

agree x 500-eleventy! So far the ONLY person who has managed to make me cry so far this year was the pharmacist who after 20 minutes of arguing, back-and-forth phone calls to both my seniors and failed attempts to reach the attending (the only one on the team with a "real" state-of-IL DEA #) pronounced that "I think it's terribly irresponsible of Evanston Hospital to have such poorly prepared and unlicensed physicians on staff, and I'll certainly never go there for care myself" before hanging up on me for the 3rd and final time.