Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stolen from another blog

I'm not so much short on time as I am short on inspiration. I'm doing a stint in the surgical intensive care unit...which is a vacation. I'm basically a glorified med student who can sign orders, so I diligently order daily labs and chest X-rays and do no actual doctoring whatsoever. It's amazingly dull, but...no call! It's so worth it! I am so well rested and well fed! But bored out of my mind. And since Brandon is working the 2p-midnight (ahem...1am...2am...) shift, I don't get to actually see him with my free time. I've been watching a lot of Dexter.

So...as I have no inspiration or things of true interest to share, I will do a list of 5 good things that made me smile today, much like Jennie!

1. This description of OB/GYN residents (coming from a surgery resident): "You're like surgery residents with less sleep who bake cookies and do their hair." So. True.
2. One cat in my lap, one cat sleeping next to me. Soon they will trade places. It is their way.
3. I didn't have enough yarn for the trim or neck bands on one of the sweaters I'm trying to finish! You'd think I'd be sad because I ran out of yarn, but no, for this means I can go...BUY YARN. Justified.
4. The fact that one of the case presentations at surgery conference today was about this big old mass that they took out that turned out to be ovarian. Ovaries?! What are those doing in there? Man, I miss talking about ovaries (surgeons seem to prefer livers and intestines).
5. The left internal jugular central line I placed today with one stick. Yeah, you knew I had to be creepy at some point.


twinsetellen said...

Reading your post would be one of my 5 things. I especially like the ways of cats.

Tam said...

I emailed you something, uh, for me, but for your boredom. Right. So check your email.

Also, cats rock!

Jennie! said...

We've been watching Dexter, too! We just finished the first season...what do you think of it?

twinsetjan said...

I was counting on creepy. That's one of my five.

kristin said...

i love dexter. there are some really cheesy elements, but, hey, it's tv. i downloaded season one, along with a super gory cartoon called metalocalypse (hilarious) onto my ipod the first year i worked at the jersey shore. it was little children on the beach all day and then tons of blood at nite... for 3 weeks.
i have now done this 2 years in a row.
ah, tradition.
ps CAN'T WAIT for you to get here! we must talk, plans are afoot :-)