Saturday, October 24, 2009

1 more day

I am home. Home from the 27 hr call shift that ended a string of 13 days straight in the hospital. In that call, I learned:

That if you thought yesterday was bad, today will amaze you with just how much worse it can get.

That if you succumb to your onc intern breakdown (it's a rite of passage; I almost got through the rotation without it) and bawl like a hiccuping baby in the PACU office, the nurses will hug you and send you chocolate later.

That OB/GYN residents can actually run and facilitate a code...and get the patient back.

And now it is time for bed.

Tonight: pumpkin carving with my co-interns.
Tomorrow: mini-med school reunion in Boston.
It's all about looking forward..


twinsetellen said...

Exhaustion + emotion = bawling. It sure beats pulling a gun out and shooting everyone.

Please take pictures of the pumpkins. I want to know how surgeons go at this sort of thing.

twinsetjan said...

Be aware that co-workers will catch on if you pull the "bawling for chocolate" thing too often. Don't ask how I know.

Way to go on getting the patient back...very cool!