Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 2

I'm happy to be back. My first week is peds clinic and one day of nursery. Then on to the PICU for a week, then two weeks of peds inpatient. I felt so without purpose during research. There is nothing like a way overbooked rapid access peds clinic to cure you of that. Granted, those kids are sick, so that's not fun. Not deathly sick, but covered in germs sick. If I make it through this rotation without getting a URI or gastroenteritis, it will be amazing.

I think I'm doing a good job. It helps that I like babies (most of my patients are between 3 and 14 months) and that I'm not afraid to look in a poopy diaper. Also, it helps that the expectations are low. Basically, I'm taking lots of histories, trying to get the babies to hold still long enough to look in their ears, and handing out amoxicillin like candy. Also hydrocortisone cream. This rotation is going to teach me when to bring my own kids in to the pediatrician and when to stay far, far away. Useful.

We finally got our clinical grades today from the block that ended four months ago. I'm happy. I'm in a position where I'm still going to have to up my NBME grades (the test based part of the final grade), but I have a shot to be where I want to be. I was actually kind of scared that I might not get the grade in surgery that I thought I deserved (based on feedback I received). UH surgery has a reputation of grading people down. Anyway, either they didn't, or the powers that be scaled grades back up. So, phew... B also did very well, so we're happy.

That's about it for now. I don't really have any hilarious stories yet. And I do actually have work to do. Time to read about peds hematology. You know you're jealous.


e/m said...

I don't know why reading about peds is so compelling. Those little socklets aren't even in vogue anymore. Besides, you could knit your own.

Jan said...

And who knew that they even had circulatory systems...they'd have to in order to have blood, wouldn't they?