Thursday, November 8, 2007

Oh, the cute

Today was my day in the newborn nursery. It basically entailed doing little, repetitive exams on perfectly healthy babies all day. Cute, but a little dull after awhile.

The cutest was this: on one baby's crib, there was a little piece of paper with child-like handwriting that said, "Hi, [baby's name]. Happy Birthday!"

That's pretty freakin' cute.


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Jan said...

Okay, a bit off topic and possibly a bit morbid, but it does relate to how kids can say the BEST things. When at the funeral of the husband of one of my best friend's, I got to read the cards sent home to their 8 year old daughter Hannah from her Catholic School classmates. One told her that even though she was sad, she should be happy to know that her dad was now in heaven with Jesus...and better yet he was rocking with Elvis and getting down with James Brown.