Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Oh, my little car, plodding along through these nasty winters...

On Sunday, little Fekete started being very, very loud. Kind of like it did, oh, about 2.7 years ago right before I drove it out to Ohio. Much like then, the exhaust system seemed to be upset with me. And by "upset," I mean "rusted out." So as to not poison myself with CO, I took it into my mechanic (The Lusty Wrench - best name ever!) today. I got the call of potential doom today after lunch:

SAM: Blahblahblah...so it will be around $580 if we're fixing.

ME: If we're fixing? You sound like it might be time to say good bye.

See, you need to understand that I drive a 1992 Honda Civic. That makes it 16 years old, with about 165,000 miles. But I don't exactly have cash flow and the ability to find a new[er] used car until residency, which is 1.5 years away. At this point in the conversation I was starting to be a little tachycardic.

SAM: What? No! I mean, if you want to sell at this point, great! I'll buy it from you. Your car is in amazing condition...I mean, apart from some surface scratches this is the best looking car its age I've seen in a long time.

He echoed that sentiment again when I picked it up this evening. And then, the assistant mechanic told me that he was shocked and amazed at how good my car looked "underneath." They promised me that it would last 1.5 years.

Which was almost worth $580.


Dad said...

> best looking car its age I've seen
> in a long time

It must have been the fabulous body work we did back in the summer of 2005 :-)

twinsetellen said...

Or the great name.

Jan said...

I do remember your dealing with the exhaust system right before you headed to Cleveland. Hope this put it right for good so Fekete can serve you lots longer!