Monday, August 4, 2008


Or...I can do a different style. Instead of "information" and "updates" and "pictures," this blog will maybe be a place to whine, short form style. Yes?

(Okay, brief update: went to T&J's wedding (awesome! beautiful! yay, T&J!), studied for Step 2, took Step 2, went to California, ate at the French Laundry (, met Brandon's extended family, came back, started my Internal Medicine Acting Internship, cried a little.) More on all that later. Maybe.

So, someone in the Ravelry wedding forum mentioned that white dresses for weddings were for people to show off their wealth, in that they can afford a seriously impractical and easily made dirty garment. White is not a practical color when around mess. So....why the white coats for doctors, people? Seriously? Gross.

Also, when you give a guy a hefty dose of narcotics and then wake him up from a deep sleep, and he can't remember your name, but pretty much knows where he is and what's going on, do not page me worrying about his mental status. Trust me, when you wake me up, that patient is going to be a lot more oriented than I am. Then, I will drag myself across the hospital to go see said patient, and (with my senior) give him the life-threatening diagnosis of "sleepy."


teesagypsy said...

I'd guess because a doctor's white coat is made of a more practical fabric and hence once can *bleach the living hell out of it*

Hooray for entries :) (I'm a goof, I know it).

twinsetellen said...

Well, you weren't really a whiny teenager, so maybe this is our chance to have that experience.

twinsetjan said...

Oh, wait a minute, maybe we won't miss you after all! :-)

Regards the wedding forum comment -- sounds like someone who chose a non white/beige gown had to do way to much justifying to people and came up with this instead of just owning the fact that they wanted to wear color!

I would, however, steer you clear of fire engine red -- you never know when there might be a bull around.

Tam said...

Wikipedia Says:
The white coat is worn by professionals in the medical field or by those involved in laboratory work to protect their street clothes. The garment is made from white or light-colored cotton, linen, or cotton polyester blend, allowing it to be washed at high temperature and make it easy to see if it is clean. White coats are sometimes seen as the distinctive dress of physicians, who have worn them for over 100 years. A recent study found that the majority of patients prefer their doctors to wear white coats, but the majority of doctors prefer other clothing.

Tam said...

Tam said...

and now that I have researched those two issues, I can go back to working. :)