Sunday, August 31, 2008

I will not be afraid of women

Yesterday I made my first appointment to look at wedding dresses. And then, I hung up the phone and promptly burst into a cold sweat.

I am not freaked out by the getting married part of this whole wedding thing. But I am freaked out by the "wedding" part, particularly the "wedding dress" part. I am scared of the women who work in these wedding dress shops who will try to make me spend more than I want on a puffy, white, beaded cloud that will make me unrecognizable. Frankly, I'm not even 100% sure I want to get married in white (or ivory/cream/diamond/ecru/champagne/whatever).

In two weeks we have the mega-wedding-dress-shopping weekend. My parents are coming to town, so Mom will be with me the whole time. Sometimes my grandmother or my aunt will be with me as well. They are all pretty sensible people, so I'm hoping they'll help me shoo away the poof. Because I don't want the dress to weigh more than I do.


twinsetjan said...

My up at David's Bridal without an appointment. They'll take your name, tell you to go browse and pick out some dresses and then link you with a consultant when they can work you in. May take longer, but you can look on your own instead of having someone pick dresses for you, you can browse the sale rack and they really do have a good selection at reasonable prices! If you have an appointment, they bring dresses to you...and you wonder if they missed the perfect one back on the racks.

twinsetellen said...

I could just bring my wedding dress for you to have altered.

(Ouch, I hurt myself laughing...)

Tam said...

YAY! Best of luck to you my dear friend. My advice: TRY ON ANYTHING.
You never know what will strike you. Some of the ones that look TERRIBLE on the hangar look amazing on.

I see you in a sheeth dress and when I think of you smiling on your wedding day to B I think of the pictures of Jenna Bush (okay so we hate her dad, but the girl is cute!)

I think a warm ivory would make your skin look amazing!

KJ said...

You're uncanny, Tam... That's actually pretty similar to the look I see in my head. Also, you guys should visit or we should visit soon. One of those.

Megan said...

If you need a wing-girl let me know. Im good at the dress shopping and also good at tieing them up and zipping and all that jazola. Soon it might be my turn weeeeeeee.

Tam said...

OMG I was racking my brain for this designer yesterday and Flannery finally remembered it for me. Lela Rose dresses are AMAZING! Exactly the vintage, glam look we are talking about.

note: I have no idea how much these dresses run. NO IDEA. Could be $5 could be $5,000 but its great for looksies!

Tam said...

Tam said...

check out fall 08 "Vinyard"
Spring08 "the Parish" and "the Ponderosa"

on and try on some sweatheart necklines!!

(okay so a little post-wedding withdrawl has resulted in a bazillion comments on your blog. Sorry)

Kristin said...

I got married in midnite blue and back. Of course, I eloped... and, um, I am now divorced.
heh heh
You're so damn good looking, you could just wear a burlap sack and look great. Then again, you could just knit something up right quick!

Delores said...

My daughter got married in Chocolate brown and looked great. You will look beautiful in anything!! Go with what you like....D