Sunday, September 7, 2008


I went to knitting group today. At a coffee shop. This is what transposed when I returned home.

B (after smelling me):'re like a Good Eats character.

Me (confused): What?

B: You know, like the Lady of the Refrigerator. Only you're the Lady of the Coffee.

Me (not exactly thrilled): Ahhh...

In conclusion, I love my knitting group, but I wish it did not make me smell so much of coffee. And sometimes panini as well.


twinsetellen said...

But you would smell scrumptious!

I'm glad you got to go to knitting group, at any rate.

twinsetjan said...

And I'm pleased B is that familiar with Good Eats!

Kristin Schrader said...

I, too, am not that crazy about the panini smell. That, and the fact that our group seems to be getting too big for the venue...
Been trying to think of a new, cool place for us.
PS your mom rocks, btw

Delores said...

A voice from your Yarn Cafe' past :o) Guess you must have heard we closed the end of July.
I'm job hunting but not too hard yet.I do have a second interview at Trader Joe's today. I think I would be a good fit there. The break so far has been really nice but time to get responsible again.
Hope this finds you well, enjoying fall and knitting on something fun.

Tam said...

I am wondering where you are, why you haven't blogged, how dress shopping went and if you got my little gift in the mail. I am wondering a lot of things lately!