Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brief visit home

The title refers both to the fact that I just did a 53 hour stint in Minneapolis (approximately 11 of those hours were for interview activities) and to the fact that I am in Cleveland for one of my little 14 hour "visits." I miss my house. And my kitties.

Anyway, thank you for the thoughtful comments on the last entry. I really appreciate hearing what people who have actually delivered have to say. I also appreciate hearing that my family members have a healthy dose of life-wish and practicality.

And...yes. Off to Chicago. Then St. Louis (an image of Judy Garland just sprung into my head unbidden). And then back for an 8 hour visit to my home. I'll try to take pictures in Chicago, because Chicago is pretty and has that reflective orb thing downtown.


Tam said...

I very much want you to knit me that purse I sent you! Since you aren't busy or anything...:)

KJ said...

Hahahaha! I totally might since you asked nicely. I'm working on some Christmas knitting, but I'm also living on airplanes...which is good knitting time. It could definitely happen.

kristin said...

go eat at Penny's Noodle Shop for me while you're in Chicago. The original location on the corner of Sheffield, Roscoe and Clark is the one to go to, trust me.