Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am at work, supposed to be working on my Implanon presentation (Implanon, the new, improved Norplant! Now less painful to yank out of your arm!), but all I want to do is shop for yarn for a Clapotis. Why? Why now? Clapotis has been around since 2004, and I never caught the bug before. But now that it is cold and I am bugged out on rotations and interviews, there is very little in the world I want more (besides, you know, peace on earth and good health for my family and loved ones and whatnot).

Also, do you know how many residency programs Brandon and I applied to combined? 68. And do you know how many interview invitations we received? That number would also be 68. Booyah. (We're only going on, um, 40 or so combined, but we still feel very loved and wanted.)


twinsetellen said...

Of course you are loved and wanted. Oh, wait, you meant by residency programs....

But will they cook you a nice Indian dinner?

twinsetjan said...

Funny, I've never done Clapotis and almost downloaded it this weekend as I'm actually thinking about it myself!

Did I mention that your Aunt lives near Denver.

(Truth in advertising: This offer is limited and will expire anywhere from 12 to 18 months from now.)

Love, Aunt Jan