Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rookie mistake

I actually ended up liking the little bit of the south I visited pretty well. Plus, the night before party was next door to Ben Folds house! Awesome!

But.... I ran out of knitting. I don't know how I let that happen. I was working on the second mitten for Annemoi, and even though I knit the first one almost a year ago, I do remember it finishing very quickly. But I did not take this into account in my knitting packing (the most important packing of all). So on Tuesday when I finished the mitten during my Midway layover before the interview even happened, I knew I was in trouble: no knitting until I got home Wednesday night.

So now I'm over-compensating. For a trip from Thursday to Sunday with two flights and one train ride, I've started a sweater (Cherie Amour) and brought two cones of yarn (the yarn Laura made for me in Montreal). I will not let this happen again.


twinsetellen said...

I saw the post title and was prepared to console you over an interview mistake. Needless to say, I was amazed to read that it was insufficient travel knitting. I won't console you on this - I want you to learn from your error. Call it tough love.

Mythrilmalorn said...

Oh My god. I have never run out of knitting on a plane. I have however not had the appropriate needles to finish something because I knit faster than I thought I would but lo and behold there were 4 more projects in my bag. I even pack knitting to spend the night at robert's (I have knitting that lives there). I might have a problem. Hey, do you need your keys back? Also, I know you still have a lot of interviews to do so if you need a kitty sitter again let me know.