Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hijacked by life

Back! Not sure for how long!

Turns out when I said this blog would be wedding-y, I meant that wedding stuff would take over my life, thus leaving no energy for blogging. But, now that the wedding is 3 (3!!!) days away, I want to throw something out into the ether again.

Tamara tagged me, oh, a month ago in the take-a-picture-of-yourself-right-now-no-fixing-yourself-up blogging thing. Here I am. I had been experimenting with eye makeup, so if you look closely, you can see that one eye has a base of stila Oasis, while the other just has pink with no brown. Yes. You are excited. Also, I wear that blue shirt a lot lately, apparently.

Oh, and speaking of wedding: garter! No, I'm not throwing it, because that is, achem, not my style. No one needs to see my underthings in public. But...there are cute knitting patterns for garters, and I wanted to work with Cascade Fixation, so I did it. Knitty's pattern, ribbon I had laying around.
Also, on Monday I went to my mom's knitting group, where Annie Modesitt told me I would be a beautiful bride and advised starting the drinking early. Ha!

And...yes. People start arriving today. Things are mostly under control. There are still a number of projects (card box, centerpieces, jewelry for the moms), but it'll happen. And tonight we are going here for dinner. Win!


twinsetellen said...

Dinner was wonderful, wasn't it? But also wonderful is watching you and your dad practice dancing for the father-daughter reception ritual,as I am doing right now.

twinsetjan said...

And the wedding was wonderful! I trust the honeymoon that is going on right now is also!!