Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Note: I am not pregnant. Here I sit with my glass of wine - soooo not pregnant. Just thought I'd get that out of the way before sharing the conversation B and I just had.

B: I'm going to get a burrito, and then stop at Juniper on the way home. (Juniper is the name of the frozen yogurt pinkberry style place near us.)

Me: Juniper! That's the baby name I was thinking about today! You know, for a girl. We could call her Juni.

B: ... Yeah. I like it. If we were movie stars.

Me: Hey!

B: Or we could call her Apple.

Me: ...

B: Caperberry?


Now, real snapshots:

I take pictures of my husband in profile: in Maine and in Chicago.

We see old friends: in New York, Providence, and Chicago.

I pretend to be a New Englander and pose in front of the boats. Also, my intern class - no longer interns.

But mostly I take pictures of food. And booze.

*Events celebrated include: trip to NYC, trip to Maine, trip to Chicago, Amy visits Providence, wedding anniversary, residency graduation*


twinsetellen said...


twinsetellen said...

And maybe Juniper is the name of a kitten?

Paula said...

It's OK, I'm already a great-aunt (or is that a great aunt?), so I can wait ;-)
In fact, my oldest great-niece got her driver's license yesterday! Yikes!
Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks!

Laura said...

I love B's reaction to Juniper. LOVE it. Of course, to be fair, I also love the idea of Juniper as a girl's name. Sure do miss you here in Cleveland!

twinsetjan said...

When I was in my teens I told Grandma Johnson that if I had a daughter I wanted to name her Crystal. She told me it sounded like the name of a hooker. Gotta love bluntness!

twinsetjan said...

Oh! And congratulations on the anniversary! Which I actually thought about near the time of the event...and immediately forgot to communicate with you about it!