Saturday, October 13, 2007

The television entry

I've been watching a lot of crap television lately. I justify this by saying that I'm on my research block and therefore essentially on vacation. Of course, I justify the tv I watch during hospital blocks by saying that I'm uber-stressed and thus deserve this fluff. Here are some of my recent favorite moments in crap tv:

1 - When Victoria, a Yale student, was kicked off of America's Next Top Model. See, Victoria auditioned for ANTM on a dare, and it was clear from the start that she was too smart to be there and she wasn't going to play Tyra's silly games. When she was eliminated, instead of crying, she shrugged her shoulders and immediately took off her stiletto sandals. Ha! Take that, modeling empire! No more high heels!

2 - When Justin on Ugly Betty was trying to learn to play basketball. It was actually a really sweet moment, but the background music to the montage of Justin's failed attempts to make a shot was hilarious. Specifically, it was "Get Your Head in the Game" from High School Musical. An appropriate song lyrically, sure, but dude. High School Musical? As a soundtrack for something other than...High School Musical? Seriously?

3 - When Alex had to decompress the kid with hydrocephalus on Grey's Anatomy. By putting a needle through his skull. Or, more specifically, through his skull behind his eyeball. By moving the eyeball out of the way...with a tongue depressor!!! Okay, I know that orbits are not actually sterile, but could we just pretend they are and maybe displace them with something more appropriate than a dirty wooden stick?

4 - When Zaphod getting his game back was the main plot for Meerkat Manor. Okay, I only just started Meerkat Manor. It's clearly a very well done show, and who doesn't love meerkats? But something about it screams, "Hi! I'm home at 11 on a Friday night watching Animal Planet! Sweet!" Anyway, I just found this whole "rogue male" subplot kind of funny. That's all.

I could go on, but then we'd eventually end up discussing Beauty and the Geek, and that would just be embarrassing, what with my identification with the girl geek and all. Sigh...


m/e said...

Funniest entry yet. I laughed out loud.

Jan said...

Are you telling me that the tongue depressors they use on us are dirty???