Monday, December 31, 2007

Back, but still on vacation

Because this is technically a knitting blog, I will do the knitting update first. Look! New project! Colorwork! These are Eunny Jang's Anemoi mittens. They are presumptively for me. For a moment, I thought about giving them to my cousin because they happen to be her wedding colors, but I think her hands are larger than mine. And I want them. I love the corrugated ribbing on the cuff. Love it.

Look! Old project! Done! Remember the Embossed Leaves socks that I started because I was going stir crazy with all the stockinette on the robe? Yeah, I finally finished them months later. That's how it goes with me and socks. Of course, my aunt suggested that she would be most appreciative if I managed to knock out another pair in a slightly larger size, so we'll see if I can find the fortitude for more socks (and the same pattern twice...) somewhere within me.

For a more full description of my Christmas festivities, see Twinset. This is a blog maintained by both my mother and my aunt (identical twins, get it?) and it's quite good. They also are better at posting than I am. I am lazy, so my Christmas rundown will be brief and picture based. For those of you with slow internet connections who don't like pictures, go away. This is my blog and I like pictures. So there.

My parents flew into Cleveland, rented a car, and drove me and the cats to my grandparents' house in Huntington, WV. Ganymede rocked the whole new house, lots of people thing. He likes attention. And power. Also being on top of tall things.

Biscuit did not love the new house, lots of people concept. She pretty much stayed in the basement, so she did not partake in Christmas morning.

But Grandpa did. Look! It's a dog! I think Grandpa got a balloon and instructions in his stocking.

Jon got duct tape in many colors. This is a very appropriate 13 year old boy present. I gave him Settlers of Catan, which also went over well but was not photographed.

Mom got roving from my aunt. Mmmmmmm... I forget exactly what fibers were involved, but I know silk was one of them. The roving was very, very soft. My aunt spins, so she is taking the roving home with her and then mailing it to Mom in yarn form later.
Overall, it was a pretty knitterly Christmas. Mom got the roving and some yak yarn (from me). I'm still working on a scarf for Dad. And remember the wimple I talked about a while back? Mom knit it for me, beads and all. So soft and pretty. See her blog for a picture, because I am lazy and also getting hungry.

The best presents are furry. Also, more proof that somebody likes to be the center of attention.

Happy New Year!


twinsetellen said...

It sure was fun to see the whole thing in recap form! And it sure was fun spending time with you. It is, sigh, never enough.

Aunt Jan said...

Anemoi! I love these mittens...and the color...and my hands are smaller than your cousins...though, alas, I am certain they are larger than yours!

Glad you had such fun over the holidays. We did too!

Christina said...

Ooh, you started them! Yay! I'll have to show you my new yarn when I get home (on Sunday night, and incidentally, would you be up for a glass-of-wine-and-how-was-your-vacation sort of thing that evening?) but I found this gorgeous laceweight Malabrigo in this autumnal colorway that is too pretty for words. But I'm still working on the belated Christmas knitting, so. No lace for me yet. Glad to hear your holiday was fun!