Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh, OB/GYN, you had me at hello

Today I did two endometrial biopsies. This means I am awesome.

No, what this really means is I was lucky enough to get paired with a really great chief resident in clinic today, who caught on that I like to do procedures and let me do the biopsies. For those who are curious (the queasy should skip to the next paragraph), doing an endometrial biopsy (or "EMB") entails inserting a speculum, grabbing the anterior section of the cervix with a tenaculum (pointy edged cervix grabber thing), inserting a small but long catheter through the cervical os into the uterus, creating suction by pulling out the stylus in the catheter, and moving the catheter around to suck up some endometrial tissue. You do it two or three times and get enough tissue to analyze.

Basically, it reminded me why I love this field. I mean, I'd been enjoying clinic, but I hadn't been able to do that much. Clinic is very busy, so the residents usually want to do a lot themselves. I'd done a few paps, measured a lot of funduses and listened to a lot of fetal heart rates, but I wasn't given that much responsibility. But biopsy! Whoo! This is why I wake up in the morning.

No. Really.

As far as knitting goes, I did finish the robe. But, the robe is short and it's cold. I don't wanna take pictures. I promise I will at some point. In lieu of robe pictures, I have pictures stolen from Knitty!

I don't actually like knitting lace all that well. Or knitting with mohair. But I covet this wimple. Covet. When would I wear it? I don't know. When I'm posing for modelesque pictures with snowflakes on my eyelashes. Yes.

Also, I rarely wear shawls. But I need this one. Cableydropstitchgoodness.


twinsetellen said...

Such a happy post titlefor your mom to read. Just 15 minutes ago I said to your dad, I wonder how Karen's first week in ob/gyn is going. Now I know, and I am happy for you.

And here is something fun - of all the lovely projects this season, you posted my two most favorite!

Note the new signature - Jan and I are coming out from under our stone. Yes, if you care to, you can add our URL to your blogroll.

TwinSetJan said...

Stoned? I'm not stoned...I sometimes feel like I've been stoned though.

Feeling VERY jazzed for you Karen! And, for that matter, for your patients...they're going to be very lucky and they don't even know it!

Christina said...

Hey! Just seeing this now, of course... but I, too, am loving both of those projects - although what I would do with a wimple is beyond me. (I am hoping to have some free time this weekend, so if you're around, we should try hang out at some point.)