Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm in Pittsburgh. It's not a bad thing, but I miss my home. I miss B and the kitties and our kitchen and the water pressure in our shower (in approximately that order). It's fine here. I think this elective will give me an edge in the application process, and I'll learn a lot. I'm in a safe living situation with a bed and shower (albeit crappy water pressure) and fridge and microwave and such. It is a 45 minute commute, but my mornings aren't that early (and the commute involves waiting for the shuttle from the off-site parking lot).

I'll probably have weekends off, so I can go home then. Only four more days.

I'm trying to think of the ways in which this is my last big premarital quest. It's me doing something I love (family planning) for me by myself. I'm being really, mostly independent again. I'm sure it'll get fun soon. But for now, I just miss my home.


Tam said...

I travel for work for two days and miss my home. In my single days I loved sleeping I hate it. I guess that's how you know you're really ready to leave your independence behind in exchange for snuggles. Warm fall thoughts from us to you!

twinsetellen said...

I think Tam has it right. Somehow this reminds me of when I went to Cincinnati for the summer after Dad and I started dating. When the cute guy you work with starts hitting on you, just go on and on about how wonderful Brandon is. He'll get the message and move on.

twinsetjan said...

(Ellen, Did Brandon know about the cute guy at work hitting on Karen? Does he read the blog?)

I love me some good water pressure...and I love handheld shower heads. If you have both a wall mount and low pressure, that sucks. I just stayed at a Hilton for a week and had both...I was still happiest to get home to snuggle with Dale, but it sure felt good to get the "not so fresh feeling" washed down the drain.

KJ said...

Hello....I am in OB/GYN, in a hospital that only does OB/GYN. I promise there are no cute guys.

Tam said...

maybe there are cute baby daddies?