Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Photographic evidence

I recently downloaded a bunch of pictures off of Brandon's camera, which I now want to share. Because I've been seriously lacking in the picture department.

It turns out that I have continued on this whole knitting lifestyle thing (it's not a hobby...it's a lifestyle. You know.) This is Summer Lace Shawlette by Sandi Wiseheart. It's meant to be in a heavier yarn, but I had KidSilk Haze, so I used it. And.I.Love.It. I know that I'm an old lady, but I perhaps have worn this shawlette to coffee shops. I held off from wearing it to a bar. For now. Oh, but where am I in this picture? That would be the French Laundry. Indeed. My little shawl got to make her premiere at the French Laundry. Perhaps this is why I love her so.

Also, in case anyone out there is questioning why I am choosing B as my partner in life, I'd like to point out that he took this picture. We went to Art Fibers in San Francisco a few months ago. Not only did he happily hang out while I waffled between which yarn to buy for my mother, he documented the experience. Which is excellent, because I was way too overwhelmed to remember to take my camera out of the bag. In conclusion, my fiance takes pictures of yarn. The end.


twinsetjan said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And the shawl is nice too! It actually inspires me to consider some other yarns for the same shawlette.

Uncle Dale found me a knitting group meeting the day after we arrived in Colorado Springs. (Did I mention we live close to Denver?) He is a keeper, so this trait of supporting the knitting lifestyles of one's spouse is a good indicator of a superb spousal selection. Well done!

Kathy said...

Your best post ever. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the beautiful shawl, supping at the French Laundry and on your lucky, lucky catch of a really great guy.

twinsetellen said...

It is a super photo of you and the shawl. You look young yet old.

The Art Fibers shot makes me want to go back there!