Sunday, July 29, 2007

He loves boxes...I don't understand

The kitty pis are felted. However, I'm not sure that my kitty is a kitty pi sort of kitty. He seems to be more the stubborn, consciously ignore the kitty pi sort of kitty. See evidence below (pay no attention to the kitchen table mess consisting of articles I should be reading).

Kitty pi sitting all alone.

Cat sitting on top of (rather than in) the pi, cleaning himself before moving back to the window.

My attempt to get the cat interested by putting kitty treats (Pounces crunchy catnip flavor) in the kitty pi. Needless to say, he ate the treats and then moved on.

Maybe the other kitty will like kitty pis. This one is reserved for her.

Perhaps when it gets cold, the prospect of curling up in a bed will be more enticing. If no one learns to like kitty pis, I may have knit some floppy fruit bowls.

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