Monday, July 23, 2007

Low expectations

We have hot water again! I shouldn't be excited about something like this, but we have not had hot water since we got back from the Outer Banks Saturday night. After a 15 hour drive, no hot water. I was too tired to care then, but I cared the next morning.

We called the landlord and determined that the water heater was not working due to the lack of gas reaching the house. A call to the gas company taught us that the upstairs neighbors had not so much been paying their gas bill. Thus, while we were out of town, the gas company turned off the gas to the entire house, not just the upstairs. They agreed to come out on a Sunday and turn our gas back on. I was happy, until they found a gas leak. Better that the gas company find a small gas than the house blow up or B and I suffer CO poisoning, but it meant that they wouldn't turn our gas on until the leak was fixed.

Finally, today, the landlord fixed the leak enough to convince the gas company to turn on the gas to the water heater. We still can't use the stove, but I'm willing to accept that for now. Although the lack of hot water did convince me to go to the gym this morning (they have showers...and treadmills), I am thrilled to have shower access in my house again.

Also, I have new brakes. Another basic necessity that I'm thankful for. I am not thankful for the $355 fewer dollars I now have, but lack of future crashing is good.

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