Monday, August 13, 2007

Nose kisses

Biscuit has been home one week now. After keeping her in the back of the house for the better part of a week, she and Ganymede finally met face to face last night. I think the cat psychologist slow introduction plan actually worked. When they first met Gany was a touch nervous. There was one hiss and then some power play, but they touched noses a few times. There was no yowling or swats to hurt, just swats to prove he was alpha cat. She, of course, mostly thought it was a game, but by the end of the night she was moving into submissive posturing. He's more than four times her weight, so I think it's pretty easy to establish who is in charge.

We separated them for the night after about an hour of play. In the morning, when we let Biscuit out of the office again, she walked up to Gany, touched noses with him and walked on. Now, they're hanging out in the living room together calmly. It's far better than I could have expected. She's still going to challenge him and try to catch his tail from time to time, but it seems like he's accepting her despite her high energy level. We are very pleased.

We also built them a kitty jungle gym from Target. It's cheap and plastic but has levels to help establish hierarchy. I'll take pictures once they're playing in it regularly.

As far as the Iris shrug goes, it's "done," as in the pattern is done. However, I think I'm going to pick up around the bottom and turn it into a cropped cardigan because I have so much yarn left. I did start on the Mason-Dixon knitting bathrobe in teal CotLin over the weekend. I've been bad about taking pictures of knitting however, since I've been struggling to catch pictures of the cats in a still moment. This bathrobe is not going to make for very interesting photography either, what with the feet and feet of stockinette. I'll put up something soonish. Maybe.

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E/M said...

Yay! So glad the grandkitties are getting along.