Thursday, August 2, 2007

Minneapolis bridge collapse

My parents are fine. Jenny is in Korea. I don't know about a number of other people. I doubt Lauren or Rachel or Laura or other people from college and high school still in the Twin Cities would have been driving on that bridge during rush hour, but I guess I don't really know. There are a lot of people doing grad school at the U of M and living in Uptown... Hopefully, they take the Hennepin bridge. And I'm sure their families are busy calling them, so I won't take up their time (also some of them go to sleep early). But I worry.

Mom and Dad said this was the first time they were glad their daughters no longer lived close to them.


Rachel said...

We're fine!

KJ said...

Excellent. Thankful to hear it.

Alex said...

Everyone I've talked to is okay, I'm glad to hear that your family is fine.