Thursday, June 12, 2008

Always the hypochondriac

I have a new mythical, totally not accurate, self-diagnosis. I've decided that I'm hypothyroid. Not a lot hypothyroid, just enough to make me be pretty tired (lots of naps), a little heavier than my standard weight set-point, and having various mild GI and gyno issues which I won't go into because some of the people who read this are, you know, normal and don't like that sort of thing (I can't imagine why not). It's probably not my thyroid. It's probably something far more simple, such as, oh, I don't know, the stress of being a med student. Still. I'm trying to convince myself to go convince the student health people to draw thyroid labs. At this point in my career, I've found I can strong-arm them into most things, as they realize that I actually do know some things.

Anyway. That's my way of saying I'm tired and paranoid. Moving on.

Last weekend I went to church for the first time in a few months. B came with me for the first time ever. I didn't want to make a big deal about it, but it really was a big deal to me. It's not like I need him to be Unitarian, but I like that he didn't hate it. He even said he'd come back this week, since this is yet another Sunday morning that neither of us are working. Also, I am a total geek. We already knew this, but apparently I am a church geek as well. So, when I graduated high school, I received a copy of our hymnal, "Singing in the Living Tradition." Well, apparently there is a new additional hymnal, "Singing the Journey," and I HAD to have it. Why? I'm not entirely sure. There's one song that I love very, very much in it, and I just like owning books. I come by it honestly. Anyway, it arrived today, and I spent maybe 30 minutes paging through it and trying to sight read the songs I didn't know. Me = geek.

Also, it's my birthday next week. Apparently. It kind of was sneaky and I forgot all about it. But, because of B's schedule, we're celebrating with friends tomorrow. It will involve a kind of trendy bar and pommes frites and cocktails involving Grey Goose and limoncello because that is how I enjoy birthdays. Although, honestly, I'm just not all that geared up for this birthday. I'm not sure why. I blame my thyroid.


Tam said...

We ARE sisters. I am subclinical hypothyroid and it took FOREVER to diagnose! My levels were 3.3 TSH, and now with 75mcg I am down to 1.8. (levels didn't budge at 25 or 50) I have more energy, lost weight, blah blah vag issues. My free T4 levels are still low too - oddly enough.

I'm also Hypoglycemic so I am just a Hypo-mess but seriously- It's a real disease and I had to convince a doc to work with me on it!

Also if we are sisters, you MUST change your attitude about your bday. BIRTHDAYS are AWESOME!! Enjoy - see you in a few weeks!! T

Tam said...

p.s. if you ever want to dish about the GI and Gyno issues -- CALL ME!

Tam said...

oh and p.p.s - glad you guys are on a faith journey... you should try converting to JUDAISM. Man is that a hard club to get into, B has it easy compared to what I went through!
(is there a max # of post comments? I might just hit it)

twinsetellen said...

Tam is seriously cracking me up. I'm tempted to leave my comment as a series of separate sentences, one to a comment, in homage.

In re: hypochondriac thinking - I imagine you are right, it is just stress, but if it is adding stress to worry about it, why not go find out? Tell them your mother is making you do it, that you aren't paranoid, you're just making her happy.

And on your birthday, we could tell the story of your birth for all who love that kind of thing! Or not. But you know I'd love to.

twinsetjan said...

And don't forget that it's Father's Day as well. I only point this out as I haven't pointed it out to my own children and feel I need to nag someone. :-)

And you're clearly my niece...Grey Goose and limoncello says it all.

Happy B'Day!

Kathy said...

Mythical? No, I think not. Now, if you were to sprout a horn in the center of your forehead, we'd be talking mythical! Hope you are back to your effervescent self soon!

Christina said...

Hey, hon,
I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. (Feel free to call/email me if you need to talk about stuff - you know I don't mind the messy bits.) I hope celebrating was fun - and I'm glad you enjoyed church last week. Ben said he had a good time, too, and I'm really excited that he and I are finding a common spiritual ground, you know? (And I'm glad you're there with us, too!) Anyway, I hope this week is better than last - I heard about some of the Chardon craziness from Ben... that sounded like it was not much fun. (Miss you!!)