Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I like my ovaries non-leaky

If there was ever a rotation to convince me to start trying to get pregnant prior to hitting 30, this is the one. Infertility treatments. Man. They are not fun. Or cheap. I mean, I'm glad we have all sorts of technology, but the scheduling and the planning and the side effects are intense. Even the low-tech treatments seem to leave women in some amount of pain and anxiety. And your risk of twins and triplets goes up, which I am against. I mean, they are super-cute, but that's a lot of baby all at once.

Thankfully, I come from good, fertile stock, so I don't really anticipate problems. But it's easy to scare yourself when all you see every day is women (couples) who want babies they can't have without our help.

Note: I have 5 years before I hit 30 (5 years and 15 days, really). No rush.


twinsetellen said...

Better safe than sorry.
--- your loving mother

P.S. what do you have against twins?!

Tam said...

yeah what do you have against twins? Are you going to give one back? I am only against the kind of twins where one takes all of the nutrients and is normal sized and super smart and the other is well...not.

great reminder on the timeline - thanks for that. I have 1 year 11 months and 18 days. Yikes!

KJ said...

Mom - it's nothing against twins...it's the having of twins that is challenging. All that gestational diabetes and preeclampsia and higher risk of C-section. Besides, I know someone who had two sets of twins, and look how she turned out.

Tam - Seriously. Let us discuss your fecundity again. Ticktockticktock.

twinsetellen said...

You are so naughty. And I am laughing so hard.

twinsetellen said...

You are tagged for a a meme. Sorry, I also took Christina!

twinsetjan said...

Okay, so I laughed out loud too.

By the way, can you make sure your cousin is reading your blog? ;-)

And, you mother is wicked...she's also stealing my friends with blogs for her meme's.