Sunday, June 1, 2008

Disturbing fact of the day

Tomorrow I start Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility elective. I have four weeks of high-tech baby-making! (Also, four weeks of menstrual disorders and endocrinology that isn't diabetes.)

Tonight I'm reading the infertility section in my little red book (not just for communists anymore) for OB/GYN. It tells me that there are many drugs one can use to stimulate ovaries. Some come from more conventional hormone sources (urine, artificial synthesis). But some come from, well, other, somewhat surprising sources.

Specifically, three in this book state they come from "Chinese hamster ovary cells."

What? What do Chinese hamsters have in their ovaries that American or Canadian or German or Indian hamsters lack? I find this very bizarre.


twinsetellen said...

CHO cells - classic cell culture line. I suppose no one has tried to culture ovarian cells from the little Canadian guys. And these might be the cute little stripey ones, to boot. Remember Wrigley's?

Rosie said...

You write very well.