Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to reality?

Apparently, I only have one interview left. And it's here in Cleveland. Yeah, that means I'm done traveling. Done. The suitcase goes back into storage!

However, it also means I have to start doing that whole working-in-the-hospital thing starting tomorrow. I'll be on Emergency Medicine for the next four weeks. I picked the hardest hospital to do that rotation at, mostly because I want to have an appreciation for what B will be going through next year. Yeah, they're limited to 60 hours per week (we're 80), but the random shifts seem draining. We'll see.

Also surprising: we're getting married in less than four months. What? When did that happen? Apparently, I need to start figuring some of those details out, at least if I want people to, you know, be invited or eat cake. Whatever.


twinsetjan said...

And those four and half months are going to fly by! Don't worry, it's not so bad...get the location for the ceremony, the officiant, the location for the reception, the caterer (menu can come later), the florist and the cake picked out and you're home free -- oh, except that part about putting together the names and addresses of people you want to invite to the wedding. That's the toughest part. And E. Post says, "handwritten addresses, please." I say, "screw E. Post...use address labels."

twinsetellen said...

I count it as less than 4. But I still don't think we're in too deep. Besides, we can always ask Aunt Jan to call in the military for backup.