Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolution of sorts

So, I have this camera. And I use it to take pictures. And then those pictures sit on the camera for months on end and never make it to the blog. Oops. So, I've decided that my resolution this year is to work on actually making the transition from camera to blog.

Like so.

Here is the seasonal knitting. I finished the Anemoi mittens in Midway airport (you know...thus running out of knitting for that trip). They aren't blocked in this shot, and they probably never will be. Because I am always wearing them. The corrugated rib on the wrists is really too tight, but I can squeeze them on. And I love the colors.
Here is an FO from about a year ago, the After-Dark Robe. It was too tight in the shoulders for me, so I never wore it. Handknits are meant to be worn, so I gave it to my 17 year old cousin this Chrismas (also earrings and an iTunes gift card). She's adorable in it.
I didn't knit this one, Jenny did. Mom knit Dad a color work pirate hat, so Jenny knit him this matching scarf. He's the most stylish computer guy ever.
Fastest sweater ever! I heart US 13s! Except, I really don't. They hurt my hands. My friend Laura had this yarn made for me in Montreal. You pick these individual plies to put together to make one multi-color yarn. She knows my colors. This is the only pattern that was close to guage with this yarn, so Cherie Amour it is. It's wearable, but it's not my all time favorite fit. I feel like it flattens the chest and widens the waist. But the color is good.
And, lastly, Brandon's neck warmer. He picked out the yarn himself, Plymouth Alpaca...mmmmm... The pattern was made up as I knit.
That's all for now. I've still got at least two FOs that need photographing, three that need felting or buttons or something, and one project on the needles. Not too bad.


Meredith said...

I've also resolved to use my (shiny shiny new new) camera and actually do something with the pictures. The knitted things look lovely, and yes, Wilson is obviously the most stylish computer guy ever now.

twinsetjan said...

Love, love, love the anemoi. And I think you chose the perfect resolution to display them. Aargh. (Standard pun response.)

Looking forward to more of your work in 2009!

Did I mention we live near Denver?

twinsetellen said...

Wow, your dad is handsome!

So are the mittens. If you'd like to make another pair so you have a chance to see what they look like blocked, I'd be happy to wear them for you.

PaulaC said...

And one of Karen's aunts (me) is the proud recipient of a pair of merino/cashmere cable-knit socks that she made. They're lovely---and warm.

KJ said...

Thanks, Paula! I need to steal Mom's pictures of you modeling!