Thursday, January 8, 2009

Take that, flight industry

As of today, I am officially done with flying for interviews.

I still have three more, but two are in Cleveland and one is driving distance. Score.

Of course, I couldn't have the last flight be uneventful. So, I booked a flight that would be canceled upon my arrival to the airport. And then, US Airways booked me on a (better! direct!) Continental flight...that left in 30 minutes. I jogged down to the Continental ticket stand, got my boarding pass, jogged back to security (rolling suitcase and giant interview "purse" in tow, still in my suit and heels), and proceeded to learn that I got to have extra security since I had technically just bought my ticket. And then, the TSA guy thought that flirting with me would make the situation better ("Why the extra security? Apparently Continental thinks you're special...but I think you're beautiful." Wink). He was wrong. He also kept insisting that my Tangled Yoke was crocheting. I may have overly firmly explained the one hook vs. two needles issue. I kind of took all of my interview season/flight frustration and focused it on him as those minutes ticked by. Luckily, Rochester's airport is pretty tiny, so I was able to run to my gate and make my flight. And be home by 4:00pm!

Ooo! Two big wedding things have been figured out! We now have an officiant and a honeymoon! Both are awesome. I'm giving our officiant a chance to tell people before I announce it publicly, and, apparently you're supposed to keep your honeymoon secret? So, I guess I'm not telling you. At least here. If I actually know you and you want to know, I'll tell you. Because I'm bad at secrets. And I've already told a lot of people. I'm too excited. Here's a hint. Can you guess (and no fair telling if you you know)?


Tam said...

B told J about the moon, sounds stellar! I've never heard that your supposed to keep it a secret... is that so no one can find you while you consumate your marriage?

Congrats on the officiant!

Med school is being a P in the A about J getting off for the wedding... ugh, third year.

twinsetellen said...

I'd secure my retirement by betting that you aren't going to be able to keep the honeymoon secret, if I could find someone to bet against me. It is simply too fabulous.

So glad you managed to get through security in time. I bet it made it feel extra good that it was your last flight for a while.

twinsetjan said...

I recognize umbrella pine...and terra cotta, and terraced you need a translator?

twinsetellen said...

Hey, didn't you eat lunch with someone I know lately? I am pondering your secret officiant and wondering...

KJ said...

Points to Mom and Jan for being smart!