Friday, September 14, 2007


Wow. After years of, "I haven't knit on anything bigger than 7s in ages," snobbery, I am loving how fast this Leavened Raglan is knitting up on 13s. Man. I started last week and I already have both the front and the back done. Also, we have discovered Biscuit's favorite yarn. Ganymede's is Malabrigo. He will seek out and steal anything made of it: hats, fingerless gloves, camera case, sweater, mittens (I like Malabrigo too...). Biscuit is now enamored with the yarn for this sweater, this mohair/wool/acrylic blend from the 70s that my aunt gave me. She loves it more than anything. Hopefully I can finish the sweater without her consuming to much halo.

And here is the sad, neglected, little After Dark robe back. It is curling in that oh-so-stockinette way, but you can use the 5 month old kitten guide to see how long it is. I do like it. I just can't find my 4s. I may make it to the yarn store sometime this weekend, or I might order the new wood Knit Picks needles. We'll see. I had hoped to finish it before it got cold, but we all know how those hopes go.

B is in Portland for his 10 year high school reunion, so I have the house and kitties to myself. Mostly, I'm using the time to get more lab work done, but I've also been watching movies. The combination of Netflix and the library means I have access to movies that I should watch but always forget about. Specifically, I've watched Auntie Mame and Philadelphia this weekend, and All About Eve is sitting next to the TV waiting for a watching. Auntie Mame was a favorite of one of my high school friends. I found it entertaining, but dated and long and requiring a little much suspension of disbelief. Philadelphia, however, was awesome. I was too young to see it when it came out, but it's clear even now how groundbreaking it was, both in the acting and the content. Tom Hanks is incredible, as is Denzel. Not that it's saying much, but I cried multiple times. If you can overlook the giant cell phones and sprayed within an inch of their lives bangs, I really, really recommend it.

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