Saturday, September 1, 2007

Berried Treasure

Since Kristen is on call on Monday and the boys are running 22 miles tomorrow, we celebrated labor day early. We went raspberry picking! Raspberries are way cheaper and yummier if you pick your own, and it was a low activity way of being outside.

Brandon picking berries.

Me picking berries with Jamin in the background.

Jamin and Kristen.

Anna and Christina.

Benjamin was in New York for the weekend, but I bet there will be some leftover berries for him, considering the quantity we managed to pick.

It was a cute farm, very well run, with a subtle pirate theme. Many signs and posters suggested that we were hunting "Berried Treasure."

When done, we had one of our standard, very yuppie picnics (cheeses, hummus, veggies, roasted zucchini, white bean and kale casserole...) at the berry farm. To top it all off, Christina brought pie crusts in ramekins and whipped cream. The results, as you can imagine, were delicious.

And one more, because they're so pretty:

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