Friday, September 7, 2007

At the age of 88, Madeleine L'Engle has passed away. There's a really nice article in the New York Times here. She is/was, hands down, my very favorite author. I read everything of hers I could find at the library or bookstore, and I think part of that is why I can't really get into any piece of fiction that doesn't have a slightly awkward, intelligent female protagonist now. Her work was story, science, and spirituality all at once.

Also, I finished the back of my robe. When I went to cast on for the left front, I couldn't find my size 4 needles. So...instead of looking harder or buying some, I started a new project: Fall 2007 IK's Leavened Raglan in this bubblegum pink variegated acrylic mohair my aunt gave me a bunch of a few years ago. The whole effect is both awful and wonderful. We'll see how it ends up on. It's on huge needles, so it's going very quickly (the back is already done). Pictures of both the robe and sweater backs soon.

My parents arrive in four hours for the weekend, so I have some cleaning to do. And since we're going to Fire, I have some showering and looking decent to do (i.e. not the same jeans I've been wearing to the lab all week).

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