Sunday, September 23, 2007

I have never been this big, pink, or fluffy

The Leavened Raglan in bubblegum pink mohair is done. It was actually done about a week ago, but I wasn't home during good photography lighting until today. Man, that went fast. And, man, is it pink. I alternated skeins to avoid pooling, but I still got a little pooling. I guess when something is that pink and fluffy, pooling is the least of your concerns. I know I don't sound thrilled with it. I'm not. I like it just fine, but I'm not sure I'll ever have the guts to wear it in public. If time proves that I, in fact, do not have the guts, I'll give it to my sister because she's better at wearing unexpected things. However, I bet if I wear it, the kitties will love me forever. And try to eat me. Same difference.

It's been a wild and crazy weekend (relatively - consider that last weekend consisted of me, movies from the library, knitting, and lab work). I doubt it will sound as exciting on the blog, but I'll try.

My cousin Jessi is in town, so B and I went to dinner at my aunt's house Friday to see her. Dinner conversation was more...excited...than usual. She's getting her degree in elementary education in Texas, so there was talk of the state of schools, No Child Left Behind, illegal immigrants, and health insurance. My aunt and I disagree on all of those topics. Yes. That is all. No hurt feelings but definitely some strong debate. We will try not to continue these conversations tonight when we all go to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse that we always go to with them.

Yesterday, I decided to check out the Stitch and Bitch and Phoenix, a coffee shop in walking distance of my house. I heard about it on the Cleveland Ravelry group. Naturally, I was afraid to go alone, so I made Christina come with me. The women were cool, with careers including IT, chemical engineering, writing, artistry, and other avocations. One woman there is married to a med student, so she know what we were going through. About two hours in, I asked one woman what exactly it was she did. She'd referenced writing, publishing, costuming, and promoting, and I was curious how she went about it all. Basically, she does all of those, she said, but what she's most known for is the film made about her and her husband's life that won all these awards at Sundance and was nominated for an Oscar.

Um....what film?

American Splendor.

Oh. Naturally. We're knitting with Joyce Brabner, Harvey Pekar's wife. We flipped. For those of you who don't know, Harvey Pekar is a graphic novelist and one of the biggest names to come out of Cleveland. Joyce is pretty cool even without her Harvey affiliation. She does everything, and she does it with energy. Naturally, she's Unitarian. And she goes to the church that I very occasionally go to. Once we discovered that, she encouraged us to try it out again (new minister!). She's kind of a force of nature, so Christina and I found ourselves promising to see her this morning at church. And we did. And the new minister looks like Harry Potter, which is fun.

Church was fine; I'll probably go back. The real point of the story is that just by going to a knitting group out my back door I met a really cool lady and started maybe getting back into UU stuff. Not bad for a lazy weekend.


e/m said...

You were pretty pink when you were a day old, actually even just a few minutes (as I recall, your Apgar was a 9 right off the bat). but not so fluffy.

Jan said...

And interestingly, your cousin is knitting a similarly pink and fluffy sweater. Not raglan, however -- please encourage her. She was a 9 also...but pretty yellow vice pink. BTW, October is breast health awareness month, so it strikes me that it would be the perfect time to boldly venture out in all your pink glory!

Sourire11 said...

I think the sweater is really cute. Bold, yes, but cute.

and I should totally come out east sometime for that knitting group - it always sounds like such fun!